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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Baker's Drive-Thru

Barq's Root Beer

Bean Cup

Bean Cup w/o Cheese

Blender, Banana Blast

Blender, Cappuccino

Blender, Chocolate Banana

Blender, Mango Blast

Blender, Strawberry Banana

Blender, Tutti Frutti

Boca Burger, w/Cheese & Dressing

Boca Burger, w/o Cheese & Dressing

Breakfast, Chili & Egg Burrito

Breakfast, Chorizo & Egg Burrito

Breakfast, Egg Burrito

Breakfast, Egg Burrito w/Beans & Meat

Breakfast, Egg Sandwich

Breakfast, Egg Taco

Breakfast, Hash Browns

Breakfast, Machaca Burrito

Breakfast, Potato for Any Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast, Sausage & Egg Burrito

Breakfast, Sausage & Egg Sandwich

Burrito, All Chicken

Burrito, All Chicken w/o Cheese

Burrito, Bean & Cheese

Burrito, Cheese

Burrito, Combination

Burrito, Green

Burrito, Ground Beef

Burrito, Make It Big

Burrito, Mexican Rice & Bean

Burrito, Red

Burrito, Shredded Beef

Carribbean Chicken Sandwich

Cheese Quesadilla

Chili & Bean Cup

Coca Cola

Diet Coke

French Fries, 1/2 Pound

French Fries, Budget Meal

French Fries, Chili Cheese

French Fries, Regular

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/o Dressing

Guacamole & Chips

Hamburgers, Budget Meal

Hamburgers, Double Baker

Hamburgers, Old Fashioned

Hamburgers, Old Fashioned Cheeseburger

Mexican Rice Cup

Milkshake, Butterfinger

Milkshake, Chocolate

Milkshake, Oreo

Milkshake, Snickers

Milkshake, Strawberry

Milkshake, Vanilla

Mr. PiBB


Nescafe 100% Columbian Coffee

Nescafe Cafe' Ristretto Cafe' Cappuccino

Nescafe Cafe' Ristretto Hot Chocolate

Nestea Premium Unsweetened Iced Tea

Nestea Rasberry Iced Tea

Platter, Chicken Burrito Platter

Platter, Chicken Mexican Salad

Platter, Combination Burrito Platter

Platter, Ground Beef Mexican Salad

Platter, Ground Beef Taco Platter

Platter, Shredded Beef Burrito Platter

Platter, Shredded Beef Mexican Salad

Platter, Shredded Beef Soft Taco Platter

Platter, Vegetarian Mexican Salad


Taco Burger

Taco, Bean

Taco, Chicken Soft

Taco, Soft, w/Shredded Beef

Taco, Vegetarian

Taco, Vegetarian, Soft

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich


Tostada Salad, Vegetarian Style

Vegetarian Combination

Vegetarian Combination, w/no Cheese

Vegetarian Sandwich

Veggie Wrap



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