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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Spice Herbs

Basil, Dried

Basil, Fresh

Bay Leaf

Capers, Canned


Coriander Leaf, Dried

Coriander Seed

Cumin Seed

Curry Powder

Curry, Dehyd, Dry

Dill Seed

Dill Weed, Dried

Dill Weed, Fresh

Fennel Seed

Fenugreek Seed

Garlic Powder

Ginger, Ground

Horseradish, Prepared

Mace, Ground

Oregano, Dried

Parsley, Dried

Peppermint, Fresh

Poppy Seed

Poultry Seasoning

Rosemary, Dried

Rosemary, Fresh


Sage, Ground

Salt, Table

Spearmint, Dried

Spearmint, Fresh

Spices, Allspice, Ground

Spices, Anise Seed

Spices, Caraway Seed

Spices, Celery Seed

Spices, Chervil, Dried

Spices, Chili Powder

Spices, Cinnamon, Ground

Spices, Cloves, Ground

Spices, Marjoram, Dried

Spices, Nutmeg, Ground

Spices, Onion Powder

Spices, Paprika

Spices, Pepper, Black

Spices, Pepper, Red or Cayenne

Spices, Pepper, White

Spices, Savory, Ground

Spices, Turmeric, Ground

Tarragon, Dried

Thyme, Dried

Thyme, Fresh

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract, Imitation, Alcohol

Vanilla Extract, Imitation, no Alcohol



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