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High Cholesterol Levels Can Lead to High Blood Pressure

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High blood cholesterol can increase your blood pressure and plays a big part in your risk for stroke and coronary heart disease. One in every six adults in the US (17%) has high cholesterol levels.
Your total cholesterol can be broken down into different components. This assessment tool can tell you how your cholesterol levels look.

The Total Cholesterol value from your blood test is all that's required for this assessment. If you know any other levels, enter them here and you'll get a more complete assessment.


Results: Cholesterol Assessment

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Quick Facts About High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure:

  • Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in your bloodstream. Excess cholesterol can clog up your arteries and increase your blood pressure.
  • Blood Cholesterol is different from Dietary Cholesterol, which is what we get from food.
  • About 36.6 million adults in the US have high cholesterol levels.
  • About 60-70% of your cholesterol is made up of LDL cholesterol ("Bad Cholesterol"). The rest is essentially HDL and Triglyceride.
  • A single blood test may not represent your normal cholesterol levels. Even if you have high cholesterol, you may feel perfectly healthy, so it's important that you have your cholesterol levels checked regularly.

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