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Weight-By-Date Reviews
Leanne Ely, Nutritionist, New York Times Best-Selling Author
I've been the victim of one too many software programs that were either too complicated to use or so basic, I would have been better off buying a book. Weight-By-Date is completely different -- it is truly a fabulous tool and it works! You will love this!
Woman's Day Magazine
This year, go high-tech by tracking what you eat with software like Weight-By-Date. Just knowing you’re keeping track of what you’re eating makes you more likely to scrutinize what you put in your mouth.
BlissTree Health and Wellness (blisstree.com)
This program is really amazing; the best weight, exercise, health planner and organizing system that I’ve ever seen.
Weight Loss For Busy People (weight-loss-for-busy-people.com)
Our Weight-By-Date diet software review would conclude that this is a fantastic piece of software.
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Supports ten family members from a single PC and technical support is free.

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  • 1 Year of free upgrades
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