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Food Labels and Nutrition Facts: Ethnic Gourmet

Chinese Style, Kung Pao Chicken

Chinese Style, Kung Pao Tofu Wrap

Chinese Style, Szechwan Vegetarian Chicken

Cuban Style, Picadillo, Beef w/Raisins & Olives

Indian Style, Chicken Korma

Indian Style, Dal Bahaar

Indian Style, Eggplant Bahartha

Indian Style, Shahi Paneer

Singapore Style, Singapore Noodles

Thai Style, Chicken Pad Thai

Thai Style, Lemongrass & Basil Chicken

Thai Style, Pad Thai with Shrimp

Thai Style, Pad Thai with Tofu

Thai Style, Vegetarian Peanut Satay Wrap

Vietnamese Style, Thit Ga Kha Tieu, Chicken & Vegetables



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